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Photo: Courtesy of artist

With her guitar, KoAloha ukulele and Boss RC-300 looping station, Kawehi is known across North America for her unique aptitude for combining intricate loops via beatboxing and creative guitar/'uke usage. Kawehi is also known across the web as "The Kickstarter Darling," raising funds for three EPs through crowd-funding alone. She has an impressive setlist of original compositions and creative covers, and though her inventive takes on pop classics may have been responsible for her initial rise to popularity, her heartfelt and unique originals keep fans coming back. Kawehi’s one-woman show and Kickstarter-fuelled career has seen her organically build a large and loyal following as well as accruing a large amount of media coverage along the way. She is a model to up-and-coming artists generally, exemplifying the power of the DIY approach to creation and her career, as well as to young women through her messages of empowerment and staying true to oneself.



Hawaiian singer-songwriter Kawehi isn’t just a one-woman band, she's also the Kickstarter Queen with her latest project garnering serious attention across North America for securing 400% of its funding in less than 24 hours. Watch her perform on the WestJet Stage.