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Planet IndigenUS co-produced by Woodland Cultural Centre

We are all from "somewhere"

Indigenous people trace ancestry back through time immemorial to places of origin; places where they are rooted; and places that brought forth a unique culture, language, spiritual framework and environment.

Since 2004, Planet IndigenUS, in partnership with Brantford, Ontario's Woodland Cultural Centre, has explored such ancestry and cultures through Indigenous artists. Through a 10-day, international, multidisciplinary arts festivals attended by over 700,000 people the largest and first Indigenous festival of its kind in 2004, repeated in 2009, 2012 and 2015 Planet IndigenUS has raised public awareness, broken stereotypes and fostered a cross-cultural dialogue between Canadians.

Planet IndigenUS gives prominence to the voices, stories and cultures of Indigenous people that are largely absent from the Canadian narrative, and has since evolved from its original festival format to encompass education, outreach, youth projects, commissions, professional development for artists and their communities and internships throughout Ontario and Canada.

What began as a festival has grown to become the Planet IndigenUS Initiative with year round programming and resource building between festivals. Highlights of the Planet IndigenUS Initiative can be found on this page.

2015 Festival
2012 Festival
2009 Festival
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The Woodland Cultural Center is a non-profit organization which preserves and promotes the culture and heritage of the First Nations of the Eastern Woodland area.

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