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Photo: Roberto S.Villegas

Som Bit
Established in 2010 in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Som Bit is a sextet that combines the traditional sounds from across Central and South America with Jazz and Funk to create a wholly new sound. Led by Heidi Von Son (dancer/percussionist) and Dario Abdala (Percussionist) the music of Som Bit is as much about rhythms as it is about dance and together they create a high energy live show that bridges both artistic practices.
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Som Bit


Join Som Bit for a body percussion performance on the Stage in the Round! She has traveled Central America and South America on a mission to find the commonalities and differences in the rich Latin American culture of dance and music that has survived and inspired many generations.

Based out of Mexico, Heidi Von Son and Dario Abdala travelled across Central America and South America to learn traditional music and dances such as Konkoba, Dundunba, Kassa, Guinee fare and Marakatu. The music of Som Bit comes from both the roots of traditional Latin American rhythms and from travelling the routes that interweave within Central and South America. 

Check out Som Bit's body performance workshop after the show!

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