Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Clay Portraits

Category Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Grades 4-12 (full-day)

Curriculum Connections Visual Arts, History, Canadian and World Studies, Language, Social Studies, French

Explore the history of ceramic art across cultures! Our hands-on, inquiry based clay programmes will allow your students to gain an in-depth understanding of the properties of clay, use hand building techniques and allow for individual expression in the creation of a sculptural piece.

Students explore the rich history of clay busts/portraits as a starting point for both monumental works and contemporary craft. Using a variety of hand-building techniques, students create their own clay head “in the round.”

Key Inquiry Question:  How have you portrayed an aspect of the human condition in your clay portrait?

Programme Objectives

By the end of any clay programme, students will:

  • Use appropriate terminology related to ceramic arts
  • Assess historic and contemporary examples of the chosen project
  • Demonstrate an ability to construct a clay portrait using hand building techniques

Please click here to download a comprehensive Education Resource Kit prepared by Harbourfront Centre School Visits educators.