Keith Tovey



Curriculum Connections

Keith Tovey is an accomplished ceramics artist of 20 years whose early pursuits found him creating mixed media and porcelain sculptures of rare songbirds, small animals and indigenous plant life. These sculptures gained acceptance in art shows and exhibits in places such as: the Royal Botanical Gardens of Hamilton, the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C., as well as public galleries in Peterborough, Sarnia, Brights Grove and Lindsay, Ontario.      

Keith has experimented extensively with traditional hand built, slip cast and wheel thrown techniques during his career. His interests in historical and multicultural applications of ceramics have increased his understanding of the medium.

Further, Keith has been a music enthusiast and percussionist since childhood when his older brother, who played drums in a local band, inspired him. This set him on a journey of exploration through the many types of unique world percussion – playing, fixing and then eventually making a variety of drums.

Keith has recently combined these passions into the development of a collection of fine ceramic percussion instruments that are not only works of art, but have a unique, high quality sound. These drums are a fusion of Middle-Eastern Darbukas, Doumbecs and African Djembes.  Many of Keith’s drums are embellished and glazed to reflect different interests and multicultural motifs.

Keith finds great pleasure in hearing his drums played at music gatherings, drum circles and during performances where the rhythm inspires people to dance and sing.  For Keith, there is nothing like spreading the joy of music.