Make & Skate (Runs December-February)

Category Seasonal

Grades K-12

Curriculum Connections Connect to Half Day program of your choice

A full day winter adventure! This program features a half day activity of your choice, paired with a half day of skating on our gorgeous Natrel Rink. A great way to include the arts with daily physical activity.

Please note: School Visits reminds participants that ice conditions are subject to weather and the Natrel Rink may be closed if the surface is deemed unsuitable for skating.

See half day activity choices for curriculum connections.

No skates or helmet? No problem! We’ll rent them to you.

Students 12 and under
Skates: $4
Helmets: $4
Skate + helmet combo: $6

Students & Adults 13 and above
Skates: $5
Helmets: $4
Skate + helmet combo: $7

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