Creative Edge

Gallery Based Programming

Category Creative Edge

Grades 4-12 (Full Day)

Curriculum Connections Visual Arts, Language, English

Combine an in-depth exploration of our current contemporary gallery exhibitions with a creative response for your students! In this full day experience, you and your students will be exposed to the curatorial process and respond to the works on display. The gallery exhibitions for the 2017/18 year are:

Artport Gallery

Voices: artists on art
September 23 – December 22, 2017
Curators: Ian Carr Harris and Yvonne Lammerich

Installed in the Main Gallery and in the adjacent vitrines and photography wall, a combination of video interviews, artists’ statements, artists’ projects along with original documentation, “Voices: artists on art” builds on a 1967 exhibition “Sculpture ’67” to explore how artists imagine their practice and their contribution to the culture in which they live.

January 27 – April 29, 2018
Heidi Earnshaw and Susie Osler

The eight to 10 major pieces in this exhibition will be collaborative – combining primarily wood/furniture and ceramic elements. Within this exhibition there will be the inclusion of drawing, fibre, plaster and sound elements. Some of the work will be interactive to engage visitors (i.e. drawers to open; chairs to sit in while touching or viewing things; headphones to listen).

The other exhibition spaces will follow the idea of collaboration and present work of artists who create work collaboratively.

The Power Plant

Amalia Pica / September 29-December 31, 2017
London-based artist Amalia Pica explores the limits and failures of communication. The artist will create cardboard reconstructions of acoustic mirrors built during World War I along the coast of England. Intended to pre-empt aerial attacks by detecting sounds of incoming aircraft, they were rendered useless by the rapid invention of better technologies. Pica re-activates them in the context of The Power Plant which is often enveloped by sounds of aircraft taking off and landing at neighbouring Billy Bishop airport.

Kader Attia / January 27-May 14, 2018
This is a comprehensive exhibition of recent and new works by Berlin-based artist Kader Attia who explores the concept of “repair.” Having spent his childhood in France and Algeria, and his young adulthood in Congo, Attia reflects on how methods of repair offer the potential for colonized or oppressed peoples to reinstate their freedom. For this reason, his work often features found ethnographic objects which draw associations between methods of repair, reappropriation and resistance across cultures.