Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Primary Painted Creatures

Category Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Grades K-2 (Half Day)

Curriculum Connections Canadian and World Studies, Geography, History, Social Studies, Visual Arts, French

Your students will view historic representations of colourful painted creatures as sources of inspiration for their own work of art. By exploring the wonders of colour, shape and expression through a variety of drawing and painting techniques, your students transform their own ideas into fantastic imaginary creatures.

Your students will be inspired by historic and contemporary works of art, explore drawing and painting techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of the media.

Key Inquiry Question: How can you experiment with colours and techniques to make your imaginary creature come to life?

Program Objectives
By the end of the program, students will:

  • Produce a two dimensional art work that communicate emotions, thoughts, expressions and experiences
  • Demonstrate an understanding of painting vocabulary
  • Explore colour theory and painting techniques

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