Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Sock Puppets

Grades: Grades 1-3 (Half Day)

Program: Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Curriculum Connections: VA, DRA

Students learn the rich history of puppets from around the world and participate in puppetry activities involving expression, movement and sound. Best of all, each student creates a one-of-a-kind puppet using a variety of materials.

Key Inquiry Question
How can we use a puppet to tell a story?

Program Objectives
By the end of the Sock Puppets program, students will:

  • Participate in a puppet show to stimulate discussion of the history of puppets
  • Produce a three-dimensional sock puppet using collage techniques
  • Perform a series of puppet activities including movement, expression and sound

Download a comprehensive Education Resource Kit prepared by Harbourfront Centre School Visits educators.