Performing Arts

Storytelling Traditions NEW!

Grades: 4–8 (Half Day)

Program: Performing Arts

Curriculum Connections: DRA, ENG, LAN, SS

In this new program, students will explore the rich traditions of oral storytelling. They will be introduced to the legacy of Miss Louise Bennett-Coverley (affectionately called Miss Lou) as an example of the power of storytelling to share aspects of our culture and heritage with others. Students will be given the opportunity to find their own voices by re-examining and presenting a well-known story through a fractured fairytales activity.

Key Inquiry Question
How can exploring the art of oral storytelling help us to understand each other?

Program Objectives
By the end of the program, students will:

  • Understand the rich history of storytelling as a form of oral communication
  • Read, interpret and present an example of an oral story from a base text/li>
  • Use vocabulary related to the tradition of oral storytelling in context