Urban Studies

Towers and Tunnels

Grades: 4-12 (Full Day)

Program: Urban Studies

Curriculum Connections: Canadian and World Studies, Geography, History, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Offsite

This unique program takes place in Toronto’s business district, providing your students with an opportunity to discover all components of Toronto’s downtown core – historical changes and current uses. As an added bonus, students gain exclusive access to the 54th floor of Mies van der Rohe’s TD Centre!

Key Inquiry Question
How can buildings in our downtown core contribute to Toronto’s identity?

Program Objectives
By the end of the Towers and Tunnels program, students will:

  • Explore buildings of historical or architectural significance to the city of Toronto
  • Identify patterns in land use, urban planning and urban communities
  • Use vocabulary as related to architecture in an appropriate way

Download a comprehensive Education Resource Kit prepared by Harbourfront Centre School Visits educators.