Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft


Grades: 4–12 (Full Day)

Program: Visual Arts & Contemporary Craft

Curriculum Connections: Visual Arts, French

Weaving with a twist! This innovative STEAM program begins by drawing connections between the Jaquard Loom of 1801 and the computers we use everyday, followed by a discussion of contemporary artists and their approaches to weaving.

Students create their own material designs on paper using paint and mark making objects. By combining their designs with new and recycled materials and experimenting with techniques including weaving, wrapping, winding, bundling and braiding students create their truly unique and personal weavings.

Key Inquiry Question
How can you experiment with historical weaving processes to create a contemporary piece of fibre art?

Program Objectives
By the end of the Weaving program, students will:

  • Be introduced to contemporary weaving practices, including artists of significance
  • Experiment with STEAM through the creation of a simple loom and learn basic weaving and fibre art techniques
  • Learn vocabulary as related to weaving and fibre arts