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Promote your product or service
to more than 2.5 million visitors!

Who You Reach:

More visitors than any other attraction in Canada

  • We attract 17 million visits made by 2.5+ million unique visitors annually
  • Visitors reflecting Toronto’s cross cultural diversity

  • Over half of our visitors are born outside of Canada
  • A highly-educated demographic

  • Over half of our visitors are university educated and 1 in 5 visitors holds a post-graduate degree
  • Household decision-makers with purchasing power

  • 42% of our visitors live in households earning over $80,000 annually
  • A wide range of age demographics

  • Over half of our visitors are between ages 25-44
  • Availability:

  • Space is available year-round – winter and summer, 10 am to 10 pm, weekdays and weekends
  • We Provide:

  • A wide variety of fun, educational, and cultural festivals - and over 4,000 events!
  • Dedicated areas for to promote your product or service, and engage with our visitors
  • Access to parking, power, and water supply
  • Full-service support staff
  • How to Contact Us:

  • Morgan Leigh Hearty | 416-973-4680 |
  • Consumer Education

    Creative Brand Awareness

    Product Feedback

    Product Promotion

    Product Sampling

    Product Testing

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