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Busking at Harbourfront Centre

We are currently not accepting applications for the 2018 busking licenses.

However, temporary licenses (two weeks long) may be available.

Email us at with: your legal name, the name of your act, a short description of your act (no more than 200 words), the dates you’re are interested in performing, and link(s) or video of your act. The processing time of your request is approximately two weeks.

Please ensure you have read the following Rules and Regulations before you contact us.

Rules and Regulations

License will be issued to the Licensee upon full payment of License Fee of $15.00 per two week period (HST included) or $50 for an annual period. There is a Merchandising Fee of $15 where applicable by the Licensee. License and Merchandising Fees are non-refundable.

Signing In
Licensee must sign in at the Security Desk each time he/she arrives on site and follow the designated procedures for reserving a pitch, appropriate to their specific license. Signing in is proof of Licensee’s attendance, which may be taken into consideration for acceptance in the subsequent year(s).

Sound levels are limited to a 65 decibel level; this limitation is for both amplified and non-amplified acts. The exception to this rule is on ”C“ pitches, where sound levels are permitted to 75 decibels. These decibel limits may be changed at any time by Harbourfront Centre and if ever a performer is requested by a Harbourfront Centre Security or a staff member to reduce their sound level, that request supersedes these sound level policies.

The use of any electrical equipment must be applied for and approved by Harbourfront Centre. The Harbourfront Centre Busker Program has a strict no generator or strobe light policy.

Costume/Dress Code
Performers must present themselves in a professional manner that reflects the appearance they presented and were approved for in the Busker Application. Changes to costumes or overall look must be communicated to Harbourfront Centre for approval, and will not be unreasonably denied.

Busking Hours
Busking on site is permitted from 9am until 11pm inclusive. Busking after 11pm may result in the revoking of a licensee’s permit. Busking hours may change depending on other Harbourfront Centre programming, location and sound curfew.

It is mandatory that ALL BUSKERS secure Commercial General Liability Insurance for at least $2 million per occurrence and is suggested for all performers. Harbourfront Centre should be named as an Additional Insured.

Code of Conduct

Performers must abide by the following code of conduct:

  • To treat other licensed buskers with dignity and respect.
  • To display his/her photo identification permit, supplied by Harbourfront Centre, in a clearly visible manner at all times while performing on site.
  • Not to assign or transfer this License.
  • Not to aggressively solicit or interfere in any unwanted way with Harbourfront Centre’s visitors.
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