Open Call for Instructor/Artist Educator Proposals

The Courses & Workshops programme at Harbourfront Centre seeks proposals from instructors and artist educators for the fall programming season (September-December 2012).

Courses & Workshops is the lifelong learning initiative of the Community and Educational Programmes Department (CEP) at Harbourfront Centre. Each year, CEP produces 12 multidisciplinary arts festivals throughout the summer, as well as many off-summer events. In addition, CEP is host to 30,000 children as part of our School Visits programme and 5,000 children in our March Break and Summer Camps programmes annually.

Proposal Guidelines

Courses & Workshops programming is categorized as follows: Visual Arts, Fashion & Design, Photography, Web & Social Media, Literary Arts, and Performing Arts. Interdisciplinary proposals that fit under at least one of these categories will also be considered.

Courses are classes that are offered on an ongoing basis in either four- or six-week sessions. Workshops are offered once a month in one- or two-day sessions.

Venue spaces for Courses & Workshops include rooms with sinks, a computer lab (equipped with PCs and a projector), and performance spaces. Resources available to facilitate Courses & Workshops include PCs and projectors, sewing machines, easels and portable sound systems. Further resources may be available as necessary.

Courses & Workshops may be geared toward both recreational participants and those looking for professional development opportunities.

All proposals should include the following:

  • Brief description of the Course or Workshop being proposed
  • Proposed duration of the course or workshop (four or six weeks, single day or two days, and number of hours per class)
  • Outline of what will be covered in each class and what skills or tangible projects participants will leave with
  • Images of the projects or process proposed
  • List of supplies/materials required
  • Instructor/artist educator resume, bio and photograph
  • Any supporting materials artist/instructor deems necessary

Harbourfront Centre is committed to providing the highest quality programming, while remaining accessible to the community, and to fostering partnerships with local artists. While we aim to appeal to a broad audience, we do strive to be current and innovative in our programming choices.

We welcome proposals from instructors and artists of all disciplines and backgrounds. Instructors and artists are welcome to submit more than one proposal.

Deadline: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Proposals should be submitted via email to Eugene Chong, Coordinator, Community Learning.

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