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Canada Day Weekend Extravaganza - June 27–July 1

It's the biggest birthday bash in town and everyone's invited. We're bringing together an array of visionary artists, ideas, Canadiana and communities for a lavish weekend full of spectacle, fun and OLG Canada Eve Fireworks!

Curatorial Statement

Extravaganza (n): any lavish or opulent show, event or assemblage...

Harbourfront Centre celebrates 40 years of artistic creativity and innovation through a festival of extravagant proportions!

Canada Day Extravaganza is an elaborate, weekend-long birthday party showcasing Habourfront Centre's creative legacies. Bringing together some of the visionary artists, ideas, projects and communities that shaped the past 40 years, together with a revitalized waterfront "home," our Canada Day Extravaganza will set the stage for a future Canada.

Experience how Harbourfront Centre helped shape what it means to be Canadian through a lavish weekend filled with spectacle: from our tributes to past decades and how they defined us; reunions and re-imagining musical genius; random acts of 40; Canadian food fantasies of pork dishes, pie, butter tarts and more, to the creation of a human Canadian flag and what it means to be Canadian.

There are times that call for serious reflection upon our legacies, but this festival is meant as a time for everyone to join in and mark a moment. Celebrate, commemorate and move forward with exuberance, hope and inspiration. It's time to experience and enjoy the spectacular creative legacies that define our future!

— Melanie Fernandez, Director, Community & Educational Programmes


Harbourfront Centre Staff

William J.S. Boyle

Chief Executive Officer

Melanie Fernandez

Director, Community Engagement & Activation

Rodrigo Fritz

Senior Artistic Associate/Project Coordinator

Melanie Fernandez

Artistic Associate, Lead

Michael Tait

Artistic Associate

Jonathan Campbell

Artistic Associate

Sergio Elmir

Artistic Associate

Annette Paiement

Artistic Associate

Janis Monture

Artistic Associate

Umair Jaffar

Artistic Associate

Richard Martin

Artistic Associate

Mary Luz Mejia

Guest Artistic Associate

Brittney Filek-Gibson

Assistant Artistic Associate, Education, Family Programming and Events

Georgia Barrington

Administrative Coordinator

Nasseem Hakimian

Administrative Assistant, Events

Kendal Lander

Administrative Assistants, Events

Alice Stratford-Kurus

Administrative Assistant, Events

Serge Sargento

Music Assistant

Andrea Strachan

Event Production Manager

Kim Trollope

Technical Director

Shanlee Jackson

Production Coordinator

Genevieve Peng

Volunteer Coordinator

Dorothy Szczurek

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Adriana Sabogal

Vendor Coordinator

A programme of the complexity and size of this 2014 festival season is only possible with the cooperation, contributions and hard work of every department and all members of the entire Harbourfront Centre staff. We extend our thanks to them all. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the dedicated Harbourfront Centre Volunteer Team who, for the past 35 years, has worked tirelessly to make all our activities possible.
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