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Introducing The Royal Conservatory's Coco Ma



About The Young Artists Performance Academy of The Royal Conservatory of Music:

The program supplements superior musical training with innovative interdisciplinary experiences including acting, movement, improvisation, and other arts-based instruction designed to deepen musical understanding and build peak-performance and creative skills.

After a competitive audition and interview, accepted students will be streamed into Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Academy programs. This comprehensive program develops performance skills, musicianship, and academic excellence.


In order to get the most from their experience at the Academy, students must make a commitment to more than just regular attendance. Daily practice, weekly assignments, and a positive attitude play an important role in the success of students enrolled in the Young Artists Performance Academy.

Young Artists Performance Academy

August 6, 2011

Music Family

The Academy offers an ideal nurturing environment for exceptional young classical musicians to refine their performance skills, musicality, and artistic excellence. Working with internationally acclaimed faculty and guest artists, Academy students share a dedication to celebrating musical excellence and strive to achieve outstanding levels of artistry, while discovering their voices within a creative and supportive quality-enhanced community.


The following performers will be featured:

1pm - Daniel Hass is 14 years old and plays the cello.

1:30pm - Ema Nikolovska is 17 years old and plays the violin & Anna Vertypolokh is 17 years old and plays piano. Ema and Anna will be performing together

3pm - Marko Pejanovic is 11 years old and plays the piano

3:15pm - Ambrose Man is 11 years old and plays the violin

6-6:30pm - Stringendo, a String Quartet, is comprised of the following players: Leslie Ashworth, violin/viola, 14; Jasmine Lin, violin/viola, 12; Emma Meinrenken, violin/viola, 12; Omer Strumpf, cello, 13

7:30pm - Laura Raffin is a 17-year-old soprano and Vartan Gabrielian, bass vocal, is 18


Everyone: FREE
Sat, August 6
Zone 6
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario
Zone 6
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario
Zone 6
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario
Zone 6
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto Ontario
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