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The following films will be screened:

In Stereo - Web Series

Joyce & Herman: In Stereo is an animated short starring a warm West Indian couple that now live in London. Joyce, 69, and Herman, 70, talk about their own experiences, arriving in 1960s England by boat. They dispute what really happens when we die and spell out the things that matter most in life!  
Created by Keston Neunie.

Santana the Web Series

The muppet web sensation that has taken  the internet by storm.

Created by Roger Alexis.

The Making of The Accidental Time Traveller

A behind-the-scenes account of Rodney Smith's film.   

Accidental Time Traveler (pictured)

Out of Time follows medical trial patient, Chris Allman, as he time travels into his own recent past to stop the murder of his girlfriend, Sara. But he faces ambush on every time-jump from mysterious men in black who want to capture him for the chip implanted in his head. With every time-jump weakening him and somehow causing his past self to suffer from memory blackouts, Chris must find the key to changing the past before it kills him.

A talk-back about web series with director Rodney Smith and crew will follow the screening.

Caribbean Web Series


Exploring the dynamic and innovative web series genre from a Caribbean perspective.

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