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Khayal Darpan: A Mirror of Imagination



Directed by Yousef Saeed

100 min; Rating: PG

Language: Urdu/Hindustani (with English subtitles)


Khayal Darpan is an exploration of classical music traditions of urban Pakistan by an Indian filmmaker.  The documentary seeks to answer the question of what impact the Partition has had on the classical music traditions of South Asia. Delhi-based filmmaker Yousuf Saeed spent about 6 months in Pakistan in 2005 interviewing musicians and scholars, attending music concerts, and observing the teaching of music in various institutions.  His travels through Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad enabled him to capture images of practitioners and patrons of classical music.  Khayal Darpan features many well-known as well as many lesser known but talented musicians of Pakistan.

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