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About Los Vega:

For more than five generations, the Vega family (native of Boca de San Miguel, municipality of Tlacotalpan) has contributed with great vitality to the traditional Son Jarocho in Veracruz. They represent one of those long-standing clans who have taken on the transcendental responsibility of keeping a musical expression with genuine roots alive throughout generations. 

The group Los Vega began approximately nine years ago, from an emblematic family, as a new generation project, aiming to preserve the musical tradition from Veracruz, by revitalizing it day-to-day. Their sound is focused on the execution of traditional sones (strains) from the wide jarocho music repertoire, with a more contemporary sound, but always starting from those old tones that are so characteristic in the leeward zone of Veracruz. 

During their trajectory as a son jarocho group, Los Vega have recorded three albums, Sangre y Piel (Blood and Flesh), Y sigue la tradición...(Tradition keeps rolling), and De a montón

They have also led workshops in jarana, requinto, guitarra vozarrona (plucked strings) and zapateado (foot stomping).


Son Jarocho Workshop with Los Vega



Los Vega will teach the basics of zapateado, the foot-stomping dance that is associated to the lively celebratory music of Son Jarocho.

Don't miss out: Los Vega will be performing earlier in the afternoon at 2:30pm on the WestJet Stage. 

Music Learning
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