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Liron Man (hand pan and flamenco guitar)

Israel-born Liron Man bought his first hang (also known as hand pan) in 2006, and immediately felt a connection with this recently invented percussion instrument, which is based on the principles of steel pans. Due to a lack of teachers, Liron developed his own clean, harmonious technique and an individual style, both of which have influenced many hand pan artists around the world. His astounding speed and accuracy combine with his rich musical experience to create the unique audio experience that captivates his audience. In recent years, Liron has also discovered and fallen in love with the world of flamenco, with particular focus on flamenco guitar.

Lan Tung (voice and erhu - Chinese violin)

Crossing between Canada’s new music, improvised music and world music scenes, Lan is the artistic director of the Orchid Ensemble, as well as a composer and concert producer. Originally from Taiwan and trained extensively in Chinese music, Lan enjoys taking culturally specific materials outside of their context, fusing together various styles. Trained at Taiwan's Chinese Cultural University, Lan went on to study with erhu virtuosi Jiebing Chen in San Francisco and Zhang Funming in Beijing, Hindustani violinist Kala Ramnath in Bombay, Egyptian violinist Dr. Alfred Gamil in Cairo, and Uyghur fiddle music with Abdukerim Osman in western China in Urumqi.

Jonathan Bernard (percussion)

Jonathan combines his background in Western percussion with a fascination for Asian traditions to create a unique sound palette, incorporating a myriad of instruments, techniques and styles. His interests range from orchestral music to contemporary chamber music to World Music. Having premiered over 70 compositions, Jonathan performs with Orchid Ensemble, Tandava, Vancouver New Music, Fringe Percussion, Turning Point Ensemble, and has performed with numerous symphony orchestras including those of Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, the National Ballet, as well as CBC Radio Orchestras, and the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra.

Lalun's website

Dreams from Andalusia and the Silk Road



The Toronto debut of Lalun. Established in 2011, its members are Liron Man, from Israel and Spain, Lan Tung, from Taiwan and Canada, and Canadian Jonathan Bernard. Discover this exciting new international trio’s unique instrumentation and hypnotic, intercultural sound. Liron Man (hand pans & flamenco guitar), Lan Tung (erhu & vocals) and Jonathan Bernard (percussion).

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