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Photo: Dwayne Fundano Photography

About SoundClash:

SoundClash is Harbourfront Centre's annual live music competition for independent artists from the GTA (including Durham, Halton, Peel, and York) who perform diverse, contemporary and cutting-edge music forms. Shortlisted performers are selected by a jury of music industry tastemakers. Winners are selected by a combination of jury and public voting and will be awarded $10,000 in cash prizes and much more.

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SoundClash Music Award Finalist: DATU



Congratulations to Maneli Jamal for winning this year's SoundClash Music Award!

Learn more about SoundClash here.

DATU is a modern Filipino tribal music crew consisting of Alexander Junior (Times Neue Roman, Styrofoam Ones), Rudy Boquilla (Salty Jackson, Thrust) and Romeo Candido (KUYA, Prison Dancer). They bring 20 years of musical experience together with a mission to not only preserve Filipino music traditions, but reinvigorate it and share it with the world. On top of their set-up of indigenous instruments (Agong, Kulintang, Sarunay), DATU brings their individual hip hop and electronic backgrounds to create a whole new sound that is equal parts North American and Filipino: something that could only take form in Toronto. Like tribal music of the past, DATU tells the stories of its own tribe - tales of love, destruction and the search for meaning in a way that is not only completely unique, but accessible to young and old alike. From rocking sweaty midnight hipster jams to empowering crowds at cultural festivals, DATU brings their sound and energy to every venue with the hopes of transporting the audience to a place between the past and the future, between tradition and innovation, and between Filipino and Canadian. DATU will release their debut EP in 2014.

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