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SoundClash Festival | July 12-14

An innovative music-based festival that pushes envelopes and challenges your perceptions about live music. Also featuring short-listed nominees for our SoundClash Music Award.

Curatorial Statement

This year's SoundClash Festival tackles the Big Idea of "terrain" in two ways:

First, by examining terroir, a word often associated with food or wine in exploring what influences its taste, in terms of climate and soil. Artistic output, like food, is an embodiment of its environment. Everything from socio-economics to cultural lineage contributes to how art is made, how dance styles are developed and how, when and where music is written and performed. Where artists take something special from their terrain, they also leave something special behind.

SoundClash takes the approach that artists are the embodiment of their terroir – the artists performing will represent the most future-focused talent that shows their roots while redefining the parameters of their genre or discipline.

Secondly, we'll look at our digital terrain, where electronics, music and art collide in a reshaping of how we look at and interact with our networked world of infinite possibilities. Through interactive displays, workshops, films and concerts, we hope a dialogue will emerge about how we interpret our relationship with technology and terrain through the crafts of art and music.

The SoundClash strikes where these two themes meet, a genre-free collision of ideas. This is art with roots, created for a digital future.

Eli Klein, Lead Artistic Associate, Music
Sergio Elmir, Assistant Artistic Associate, Music
Candace Shaw, Artistic Associate


William J.S. Boyle

Chief Executive Officer

Melanie Fernandez

Director, Community and Educational Programmes

Rodrigo Fritz

Project Coordinator

Diana Webley

Project Coordinator

Elizabeth Lubowitz

Head of Administration

Eli Klein

Lead Artistic Associate, Music

Candace Shaw

Artistic Associate

Sergio Elmir

Assistant Artistic Associate, Music

Joanne Siu

Music Assistant

Nida Haroon

Administrative Assistant, Events

Georgia Barrington

Administrative Coordinator

Ayesha Chatterjee

Administrative Assistant

Andrea Strachan

Event Production Manager

Kim Trollope

Technical Director

Shanlee Jackson

Production Coordinator

Genevieve Peng

Volunteer Coordinator

Dorothy Szczurek

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Suzanne Wyman

Vendor Coordinator

Margaret Saliba

Vendor Assistant

A programme of the complexity and size of the 2013 festival season is only possible with the cooperation, contributions and hard work of every department and all members of the entire Harbourfront Centre staff and volunteer teams. We extend our thanks to them all.
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