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New Flamenco Quartet

This past year has seen much needed change in the way society treats, sees, and listens to women. In Luna Nueva (New Moon), the New Flamenco Quartet reflects on this change and what it means for us as women, as men – as humans – through song and dance, even as tonight's new moon invites us to reflect on new cycles, new harvests, new patterns, and new beginnings. This is also a time of change in terms of binary ways of understanding ourselves – there is not just the full moon and the new moon, but also all the moons in between. In Luna Nueva, we delve into these cycles and changes through song and music, taking traditional lyrics and looking at them under a new light – that of the new moon in this time of change – which some might interpret as invisible, and others as simply transparent - allowing truth to shine through.

New Flamenco Quartet is a coming together of three women deeply entrenched in the local Toronto Flamenco community, and an up-and-coming flamenco guitarist from Thunder Bay. Together, we explore the forms of flamenco we love, as well as some Latin American forms. Flamenco, heavily influenced by Roma culture, African rhythms and Spanish folklore, has also been deeply influenced by the Americas, and many similarities can be found between the two broad genres besides their common language.

Singer/dancer Tamar Ilana has been on stage since the age of five. She leads world music ensemble Ventanas, sings with the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, teaches at the Academy of Spanish Dance, and recorded on Jesse Cook's newest album. Tamar has studied, lived and worked extensively in Seville, Barcelona, and Paris.

Singer/dancer Shirlita La Pili first dove into the world of flamenco through baile (dance) at a young age. In 2006, she rediscovered her love of song through flamenco cante and performs her art through both these forms. Shirlita also sings with the Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company and is much sought after in the Toronto Flamenco scene.

Matt Sellick is a flamenco guitarist and composer from Thunder Bay. He has performed as a featured soloist with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and Consortium Aurora Borealis, played with Jesse Cook, and accompanied Esmeralda Enrique. Matt is working on his third solo album, and has recently composed a suite of orchestral arrangements for guitar.

Jessica Hana Deutsch is in high demand as a violinist and composer in the Toronto world music scene. Classically trained, she is equally versatile in Afro Cuban, Klezmer, Celtic and Turkish music. Jessica composes "chamber folk" music for her band Ozere, and plays in Ventanas, Iroko, and Beyond the Pale, and with Lenka Lichtenberg.

Together, these four artists bring a unique sound and art form to the stage: rooted in the traditional, yet redefined as their own.

New Flamenco Quartet: Luna Nueva



Sunday, September 9, 2018
Toronto Music Garden
479 Queens Quay West

On the first new moon of autumn, the New Flamenco Quartet reflects on new cycles, harvests, patterns, and beginnings through their passionate flamenco, influenced by Latin American, Roma, African and Spanish folklore. Tamar Ilana and Shirlita La Pili (voice/dance), Matt Sellick (flamenco guitar) and Jessica Hana Deutsch (violin/voice).

Supported by
The Gail Asper Family Foundation

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