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Docking at Harbourfront Centre either as a seasonal or visitor means you will enjoy quick access to Toronto Harbour and Lake Ontario. Located on Toronto's central waterfront, our marinas are easy to access from home or the office. For visitors we have the closest marinas to the City and local attractions.

Visiting Harbourfront Centre by boat is easy! All docking areas can be accessed through either the Western or Eastern channel. Upon entry into the Toronto Inner Harbour, head for the north shore.

Please call to check in with the appropriate Dock Attendant at the facility selected.

All areas monitor VHF Channel 68.

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Toronto from the lake (east view)
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Marina Quay West
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John Quay and Marina Four
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From WEST to EAST, our three facilities are:

Marina Quay West

Marina Quay West picture

Marina Quay West is a 200 slip marina located adjacent the City of Toronto Music Garden and many condominium residences. If you are seeking a quieter location with greater slip availability, choose Marina Quay West. Visitor reservations are accepted. Please see the Seasonal Slip Application or Visitor Dockage Reservations sections for further information.

Marina Quay West is located just inside the Western Gap at berth #213 to #215, as indicated on chart #2085. The entrance to Marina Quay West is located at approximately 43 38.182 N, 79 23.489 W.

Marina Four

Marina Four picture

Marina Four is a 100 slip marina located within our central site, adjacent to the WestJet Stage and the many activities that define Harbourfront Centre. If you would like to dock at the center of it all, select Marina Four. Visitor slips are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Seasonal slip availability may be limited please call for details.

Marina Four is located at historic Pier 4 under the well-known Amsterdam pedestrian bridge at berth #248 as indicated on chart #2085. The entrance to Marina Four is located at approximately 43 38.261 N, 79 23.016 W.

Helmut Dressler and TigerHelmut Dressler

In Memory of Helmut Dressler 1939 – 2014

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Dock Master Helmut Dressler who passed away unexpectedly on February 20, 2014.

Helmut has been a constant presence in Marina Four for over three decades, caring with pride and dedication for its boats and its people.

We will remember him for his love of boats, particularly wood boats and his care of them. We will remember his love of Great Danes he each distinctly named Tiger. We will visualize him driving down the road in his classic Mercedes-Benz chauffeuring Tiger this summer.

Thank you, Helmut, for all your years of service and dedication.

John Quay

John Quay picture

Dockage on John Quay is offered along the southern boardwalk adjacent to the new Amsterdam Brewhouse at Pier 4. John Quay is not a protected marina but a linear boardwalk on the Inner Harbour just outside of Marina Four. This area is used exclusively for larger visiting pleasure craft and ships from approximately 40 feet to 200 feet in overall length. We recommend that smaller vessels dock within one of our two marinas. Reservations are accepted for overnight visits. Short term hourly dockage is subject to availability and is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call the Marina Four office for availability. For the Visitor Dockage Reservations section, click here.

John Quay is located south of the CN Tower near berth #241, as indicated on chart #2085 (approximately 43 38.251 N, 79 23.115 W). John Quay boardwalk dockage lies between Marina Four to the east and the entrance to the Toronto Police Marine Unit basin to the west.

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