Stacia Verigin, entireland (detail).

Combine (project room)

Stacia Verigin

June 19–September 19, 2010

Curated by Patrick Macaulay


COMBINE situates the works of 17 artists throughout York Quay Centre. The title conjoins two iconic references – the image of the mighty prairie farming machine and the assemblages first created by Robert Rauschenberg – a hint to where the artists are from and what they are up to. Participating artists were selected for their mutual understanding of how the amalgamation of disparate objects and images can create new stories and meanings.


This body of work exists as a detail from a much larger collection of objects I have been making since 2003, under the working title Entireland. I am interested in fragments, how we might work to complete them, and how for myself this process often involves a narrative structure. I have always enjoyed stories, and the power they have to educate and entertain.

Sightings is a piece often shown in conjunction with the Entireland, as a kind of hidden work. Composed entirely of my arms own shadowy movements, the separate motions are edited into imaginary, puppet-like creatures, that appear animated. Now seemingly unattached from the rest of me, they are free to swim, fly, or run and be witnessed in the space by people who happen to be there in the right place at the right time.

— Stacia Verigin


Stacia Verigin lives and works and sometimes manages to make art a practice in Saskatoon. Almost lost to science in the early 90’s, Verigin swiftly turned her heels into a dynamic and enthusiastic Fine Arts degree at the University of Victoria. Finding herself wanting more, she later returned to school in the fall of 2004 to complete an MFA at the University of Saskatchewan.

The day after she delivered her defense, she was employed as a puppet fabricator and props builder on a local stop motion television show called Wapos Bay. In her fourth year now with the company, she is currently employed as the Art Director. The increase in responsibility has really cut into her video game time, but fortunately it has also motivated, influenced and undoubtedly shaped her artistic practice.