Rose Bianchini, Parents in Kitchen. Wood, clay, fabric, paper, wire. In this diorama the state of the world is being discussed over breakfast.


Rose Bianchini & Sarah Lazarovic

February 25 – February 25, 2020FREE

A collaboration between two artists transform the everyday ordinary events in life into the extraordinary through mixed media installations in miniature and animated video.



Rose Bianchini

In Rose Bianchini’s component of Keyframe, she brings together animation, drawing, crafts, and miniatures to create a series of dioramas. The dioramas reveal a narrative about a surreal and strange girl who lives in a dark and magical world. In this world birds are wiser than people and the star of the tale lives in a house in the sky, has a strident mother and sails to school each morning on the wind.

The work is not only whimsical and vibrant; it also brings together various art mediums, inviting the viewer to travel down the rabbit hole through a tapestry of textures and colour. It asks one to imagine a place where the strange is common and everyday events can be extraordinary. How does the girl in the dioramas enjoy her world of peculiar and playful happenings? And will she invite us along on her journey?

Rose Bianchini is an artist, director, producer and writer who works in several mediums. Her radio work includes creating music profiles and documentary work for CBC Radio. Her television work has included a youth culture show for TVO, The Big Picture with Avi Lewis and The Hour on CBC Television.

She has art directed several shorts and Bravo!Facts and most recently art directed a television pilot featuring headless zombies. As a director her most recent project is a music video for Gentlemen Reg which has aired on MTV, MuchMusic and several other broadcasters as well as several film festivals. She is directing a documentary feature about a social experiment artist and her Surreal Girl animation has been picked up for worldwide distribution. Bianchini is part of the art collective which created the Soft City — an ongoing plush metropolis installation that has been exhibited over a dozen times and is currently being developed as an immersive game and television series. She has also diligently worked on a graphic novel about a surreal girl who talks to birds and has psychic powers.

Currently, Rose is a resident of the Interactive Media Lab at the Canadian Film Center.

Sarah Lazarovic

Sarah Lazarovic’s work is about imbuing the digital with elements of the handmade. She relishes the opportunities afforded by digital technologies, but seeks always to reconcile the slick with the free-form. Regardless of theme, she works with as little as possible, economizing resources. In Keyframes, the boundaries between screen and surroundings are blurred by pulling elements from animation and creating a screening room for videos by taking animated elements and freezing them in time. In so doing, the ephemeral becomes permanent. Lines can be examined, props explored, details revealed. The distinction between materials is also blurred, as a jumble of surfaces are treated uniformly to unite their similarities and lay bare their differences.

Lazarovic is an artist and filmmaker based in Toronto. Her animation and film work has appeared in festivals and on television. Her most recent short film, The Way It Used To Be, premiered at the Worldwide Short Film Festival. She is presently at work on a series of twelve shorts, supported by a Chalmers Fellowship. Her cartoons are featured weekly in a handful of Canadian newspapers. In her spare time, she runs The Montrose Portrait Gallery of Canada out of her garage.