Architecture Exhibitions Summer 2012

Installation view of BORN AGAIN: THE Repurposed City. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.

Installation view of BORN AGAIN: The Repurposed City. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.

BORN AGAIN: The Repurposed City

In this age of reusing and recycling, should we look at buildings the same way as other reusable resources?
Is the role of the architect changing from the builder of the new, to that of the socially responsive renovator?
Should we look further afield than just the individual building and instead look at revaluing and repurposing the entire city?

Within the urban landscape there are unused buildings and structures. Whether unique industrial infrastructure or buildings of historical significance, many have outlived their purpose and sit empty and undervalued. These urban relics exist in a state of unused limbo. Should they be torn down or should they be ingeniously repurposed? Because of our concerns for the environment, our values are shifting in terms of what we save and what we toss away. Architects are being asked to do the same. They are rethinking the adage of replacing the old with the new, and are now seeking a paradigm for the built environment by placing new value and vision toward planning for the future. This exhibition looks at the adaptive reuse of existing buildings and structures and the implications on neighbourhoods, surrounding communities and the city as a whole.

Architecture firms DTAH, Kongats Architects and unit a architecture inc. create new installations which explore the idea of repurposing. Artist Gareth Lichty presents a new sculpture.