Architecture Exhibitions Winter 2012

FREE Public Opening reception: FRI, JANUARY 27, 2012 @ 6–10pm



How much space do we need to live in the city?
When considering the homes we live in, do we desire more or less space?
Is the idea of economy of space something we are conscious of?

With more and more people moving back to the city centre, the expectations of what is necessary in terms of living space has dramatically shifted. Living in the city versus living in the suburbs requires a radical change of perspective and compromise of priorities. In the city, for most people, the large single family home on a spacious lot with all the amenities that go with it is a distant dream. How much space do we really need? And how can these needs be accommodated in a city where space is such a limited commodity? These are the questions we are now facing. It is a dilemma faced by cities around the world. This exhibition seeks a new paradigm for city living.

Architecture firms Altius Architecture Inc., nkA and rzlbd create new installations which explore the idea of what is big enough. Artist Surendra Lawoti presents a photography installation.