Installation view of Lenticular Curtain. Harbourfront Centre. Photography: Tom Bilenkey.

Lenticular Curtain

PLANT Architect Inc.

February 19 – February 19, 2020FREE

In the history of mankind, landscape was a threat, and architecture our protector. We have had to culturally and scientifically overcome the landscape in order to appreciate it aesthetically. Only now, when our culture has reached a pinnacle of comfort, are we further able to find beauty in what traditionally has been considered ugly, chaotic, frightening – the sublime – without ascribing to the landscape a spiritual significance or persona. No longer relegated to the role of protector, architecture can assertively obliterate the landscape, or boldly attempt to mimic it. We propose an alternative strategy: an immersive architecture that overwhelms, infuses, inhabits, and amplifies the landscape. The question is less about the placement of architecture and more about how to create a liminal space, one that exists not at the threshold of architecture and landscape but one that is present and part of both.

Lenticular Curtain is a lantern – an architectural and landscape intervention that, when entered, disturbs and distorts multiple landscapes in order to form new ones. The central role of the visitor, whether static or in motion, allows for multiple experiences of the site, coalescing and solidifying these ephemeral and often ambiguous landscapes.



PLANT Architect Inc. is an award-winning, collaborative, Toronto-based firm that branches into the domains of architecture, landscape, ecology, furniture, art, and graphic design. Synthesizing the expertise of these disciplines, PLANT integrates architectural, sculptural, and landscape interventions to articulate new meanings, create visceral experiences, and form critical, interdisciplinary dialogues about place, memory, ecology, history, art, and culture.

The firm’s most notable projects include the Nathan Phillips Square Revitalization and Podium Roof Garden, Toronto, Dublin Grounds of Remembrance, Dublin, Ohio, Canadian Firefighters Memorial, Ottawa, Liza’s Garden at the Royal Ontario Museum, and Sweet Farm (1994–1997), Sutton, Québec. PLANT has won numerous national and international awards for architecture and landscape architecture, including major design competitions. The firm’s work has also been widely published and exhibited across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Project Team: Lisa Rapoport, Christopher Pommer, Mary Tremain, Lauren Barhydt, Andrea Mantin, Lisa Dietrich, Zac Mollica