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Ian Chodikoff. An Age-Old Story concept image, 2013.

An Age-Old Story

February 22 - February 22, 2019

Ian Chodikoff

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“As with any national problem, the answers cannot come from government alone. We need businesses, public services and whole communities to understand better how to help people with dementia… This means thinking about everything from helping people access bank accounts to using public transport.”

– David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The challenges of improving the design of public spaces, mobility-related infrastructure and housing are particularly acute for the elderly. When combined with issues such as dementia, low-income status and social alienation, designing an age-friendly city is no easy task. This is the context for An Age-Old Story.

An Age-Old Story narrates a day in the life of a low-income elderly woman suffering from dementia. Dementia is one of the most severe and devastating disorders we face. By 2031, the number of Canadians with dementia will increase from 747 000 to 1.3 million.

The exhibit takes its cue from the humble Post-it® sticky note. Sticky notes reinforce routine or serve as a reminder for those suffering from dementia. Similarly, sticky notes placed throughout the built environment remind all of us of the design-related challenges, opportunities and solutions that affect the quality of daily life for elderly persons.



Fora Strategic Planning is an urban design consultancy led by Ian Chodikoff, an architect, urban designer, educator and former editor of Canadian Architect magazine. Chodikoff provides research and strategic solutions for clients to make careful decisions based on the impacts of economic, social, political and cultural factors that affect the built environment.


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