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Patrick Spear. Futurecare: New healthcare processes in everyday spaces, 2014.


February 23 - February 23, 2019

Patrick Spear

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Hospitals and doctors’ offices can be thought of as highly concentrated points of healthcare. And when a person has health concerns, those are the places to which he or she would naturally go – the places where healthcare happens.

However, the continued miniaturization of computers and other devices, combined with today’s pervasive access to data, is allowing the process of care to escape these concentrated points.

As it becomes easier for individuals to monitor aspects of their own health, care will cease to be something that has to happen entirely in highly designated and specialized areas. Rather than health being something that must be checked in on at a particular location, it will become a continuous process that happens all the time, in all the spaces you visit, with the devices that you use every day.

The Futurecare exhibition aims to illustrate just how technology is shaping everyday spaces into the future spaces of healthcare.



Patrick Spear is an Ontario Association of Architects intern architect with a background in cognitive science and a focus on healthcare. He has been educated in computer science, psychology, graphic design and, finally, spatial design. Spear holds his Masters of Architecture from the University of Toronto, his Bachelor of Science from Queen’s University, and currently works at Zeidler Partnership Architects.

The Futurecare exhibit is based on the ongoing project Futureward, which is being conducted in conjunction with the University Health Network’s Centre for Innovation in Complex Care. Futureward explores the impact of technology on the design of hospitals, framed within a wider world of changing healthcare delivery models.


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