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SUMO Project. A Dawn for Leonia, 2015. Digital drawing.

A Dawn for Leonia

December 17 - December 17, 2018

SUMO Project

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We imagine a dystopian future – a world in which all natural resources have been depleted by the rampant manufacturing and waste production of centuries of industrialization.

In such a future, exhausted of raw materials, there is no production of plastic, metals, fuel, industrial chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Much of the population survives on re-processed objects, found objects and hybrids made from both.

Memories are also constructs. For many, sunny skies, rain forests, wild animals and sunsets are only known through descriptions from the elders who can still remember them.

Based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities (1972), A Dawn for Leonia is an interpretation of a potential future where sunrises are no longer.



SUMO Project is a multidisciplinary studio whose practice results from an obsession with all forms of art and design and the belief that “specialization is for insects.” We feel that poetry can be found in the prosaic; beauty in the ugly and mundane; playfulness in the utilitarian; and we believe in doing more with the least amount of available resources. Our experience includes architecture, urban design, landscape, furniture, curatorship, artwork and installations.

Our work explores ideas related to human sensibility and psyche. We investigate human reactions and experiences in relation to socio-cultural issues such as immigration, displacement, and cultural diversity.


SUMO Project is Ruth A. Mora + Gaston Soucy


Chico Ezechiels (Metal fabrication & consulting)
VISO INC. (Lighting fabrication and consulting)


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