Carl Bigmore. Glencoe Lochan, Highlands, Scotland, 2012. Photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.

Through the Trees

Carl Bigmore

Curated by Curated by Patrick Macaulay

September 30 – September 30, 2020



* This exhibition is accessible to Fleck Dance Theatre ticket-holders only.


We carry with us a ghost psyche, adapted to a world we no longer inhabit, which contains – though it remains locked down for much of the time – a boundless capacity for fear and wonder, curiosity and enchantment. We are pre-tuned to the natural world; wired to respond to nature.

– George Monbiot, 2014

Our cultural relationship to forests is fascinating. From fables and folklore, where they are depicted as mysterious places, home to creatures and monsters, to modern-day cinema and television where they are frequently used as a setting for horror and the unknown and eerie. These cultural manifestations perhaps show an innate desire to connect to a time when we were once threatened by creatures we can now only imagine.

By capturing the atmosphere of the woods – the way the light falls through the branches and the seemingly infinite depths of the pines – I am inviting the viewer to draw on their own experiences and create their own narratives as they journey through the trees.


– Carl Bigmore



Carl Bigmore is a documentary photographer based in London, UK. His work lyrically explores the relationship between people and their environment; how landscapes shape communities and how communities shape landscapes. He is particularly interested in how we relate to our environment during a period of rapid ecological change. Bigmore has exhibited in both solo and group shows in the UK and Germany. In 2013, he was shortlisted for the Joan Wakelin Bursary sponsored by The Guardian and The Royal Photographic Society. In 2014, Bigmore completed a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication.

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