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Blake Fitzpatrick & Vid Ingelevics. Berlin Wall Fragment #1, 2017, from the project Freedom Rocks.

The Mobile Ruin

November 16 - November 16, 2018

Vid Ingelevics and Blake Fitzpatrick

Mobile Ruin is part of the project conceived by Yvonne Lammerich and Ian Carr-Harris entitled Voices: artists on art.

We are thrilled that Vid Ingelevics and Blake Fitzpatrick agreed to participate in the exhibition with another iteration of their long-term Berlin Wall project – Freedom Rocks. We were especially engaged by their premise that the dissemination of the Wall’s fragments suggests an “always incomplete and unattainable whole”, a reflection for us of the territory that lies between amnesia and document, one that constitutes a subtext of our project.1

 Yvonne Lammerich and Ian Carr-Harris

1From the short introductory text by Vid Ingelevics in the Vimeo video “Holes in the Wall,” 2014.


The Mobile Ruin considers the ongoing materiality, mobility and currency of Berlin Wall pieces and souvenirs while pointing to the absence of a post-1989 history of this once iconic barrier. The exhibition includes a large digital collage that “rebuilds” the wall from the artists’ photographic archive of wall fragments as well as photographic works documenting the movement of large slabs in North America and Berlin. Often the same wall piece appears in multiple locations over time, highlighting the geographic and temporal displacement of the Wall. The exhibition also includes Wall souvenirs from the artists’ collection, perhaps the Wall’s most mobile form, to suggest a rarely considered social history.

– Vid Ingelevics and Blake Fitzpatrick

This exhibition is linked to another iteration of the artists’ project entitled The Labour of Commemoration, simultaneously showing at Prefix ICA (Toronto) October 5 – November 25.

For more information on the project visit:

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