Aurora Darwin. 1:5 , 2015. Copper, wood, LED light panel, sandcast glass. Photo by Tom Bilenkey.


Aurora Darwin

January 24 – June 14, 2015FREE

I create minimalist compositions through the simplicity of lines. In the case of my castings, both materials are manipulated, but the sculptures themselves are raw, untreated, and organic. Light plays upon the different textures, creating seemingly emotional landscape that both glows and reflects

– Aurora Darwin


Aurora Darwin currently resides in Toronto, but spent her formative years in South East Asia where she became influenced by the forms of concrete structures and contrasting tropical forests.  These elements manifested themselves when Darwin discovered glass, a medium malleable enough to depict both the strength and structure of cities and the serenity and power of nature. This September, Darwin traveled from the Yukon to the Northwest Territories up the Peel River, one of the last remaining watersheds in North America. This journey, along with six other artists, was documented and is being made in to a film entitled The Peel.