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As a Cavetto

January 18 - July 1, 2019

Shaun Peter Mallonga

Curated by Marlee Choo

A new large-scale installation by ceramics-based artist Shaun Peter Mallonga transforms a hallway into an exploration of intimate spaces through drawing and sculpture.

This exhibition is part of the DesignTO Festival (January 18-27, 2019).


Shaun Peter Mallonga was born in Vancouver, BC. Having spent most of his formative years in both the Philippines and India, he migrated back to Canada with his family seeking brighter futures. His work uses narrative to investigate the malleability and tension of identity evoked by his experiences of migration and queer identity. Mallonga’s practice in ceramics began at the Langara College Fine Arts Diploma Program (2014) in Vancouver, BC. In 2017, he completed his BFA (Ceramics) at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Mallonga has exhibited his works in British Columbia and Alberta, and will be exhibiting in Ontario and Saskatchewan in the next year.

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