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September 22 - December 23, 2018

Amy Duval

Curated by Robyn Wilcox

There is something deeply satisfying about the kind of mechanical drawings found in the manual accompanying a new gadget. The diagrams show the pieces of the whole pulled out along an invisible axis, fairings or façades stripped away to reveal each screw pulled from its hole. Although called “exploded” drawings, they are not at all chaotic, but instead pleasingly orderly and intelligible. Mechanical drawings take complex 3-D objects that exist in real time and space and flatten them onto a 2-D plane.

However, no matter the level of detail, a drawing never is—and can never be—the actual thing. Amy Duval’s installations explore this tension between diagram and object, between the things themselves and our attempts to render them comprehensible through representation. Her work recognizes a human desire to find order, to locate ourselves within—and within ourselves—a system, but with the knowledge that the systems are always more than the sum of the parts.

– Robyn Wilcox


This installation is made both in direct and indirect reference to the ever-changing urban/industrial landscape of contemporary society. Mechanical and industrial detritus fills the surrounding landscape with objects, forming sporadic compositions that become increasingly ubiquitous, familiar yet foreign, taking up continuously expanding amounts of physical and psychological space. The drawings explore the surface tension between the two and three dimensional, one is meant to imitate depth and volume; the other exists in physical space, creating a visual bridge between mediums.

This work consists of various approaches to forms and compositions that make reference to organic and mechanic anatomies and building methods, and the detritus they leave behind. Working with the idea of the diagram as a mode for understanding the world, objects are placed in specific proximity to one another to create new relationships. The diagram is a collection of paradoxes, chaotic and organized, and acts as a metaphor for the simultaneously beautiful and messy nature of the human experience.

– Amy Duval


Born and raised in North Vancouver, Amy Duval completed her BFA at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2017. Initially interested in painting, she eventually transitioned into working primarily with clay.  She is currently focused on sculptural and installation-based work that merge her interests in painting, drawing, and ceramics, while exploring various building techniques including slip casting and wheel throwing. By creating site specific works, Duval hopes to deepen her understanding of how she interacts with the world, and the role she plays in contemporary society as a maker. Duval was accepted as an Artist-in-Residence (Ceramics) at Harbourfront Centre in 2017.

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