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The Hand is the Mind is the Bomb that Blows

Anders Herwald Ruhwald

Curated by Curated by Marlee Choo and Melanie Egan

September 29 – December 23, 2018Hours

Anders Herwald Ruhwald is an artist whose work delves into the relationships between objects, space, form and audience.

His primary material is ceramics. In his making process there is an unmistakable expertise and fluency with the material—gained over three decades—and is second nature to Ruhwald. It’s like breathing and evident in his work.

Ruhwald duly acknowledges the history and traditions of ceramics however, he is not concerned with distinguishing clay as a material in and of itself. His “material intelligence” is in the service of his conceptual framework. His strength is creating and presenting work that challenges established notions or categories of ceramic objects in such a way that sparks curiosity and thinking. He is one of the earlier artists in a group of contemporary ceramic artists whose work continues to question conventional ideas about art, design and craft.

Ruhwald is a generous artist and creates installations that encourage viewers to bring their own interpretations to the works and to draw their own conclusions. It is important to Ruhwald that the viewer is part of the conversation and engaged with the relationships his objects and installations engender.

– Marlee Choo & Melanie Egan

Part of NORDEN: The Festival of Cool –  November 24 through December 2


Anders Herwald Ruhwald is a Danish artist living and working in Chicago. He received his MFA from the Royal College of Art London in 2005 and his BFA at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design in 2000. He is a professor at the Oslo Academy of the Arts, Norway, and was Artist-in-Residence and then Head of Ceramics at Cranbrook Academy of Art from 2008 -2017 . His work can be found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Musee des Arts decoratifs (Paris), The Danish Museum of Decorative Arts (Copenhagen), Yingge Ceramics Museum (Taiwan), Icheon World Ceramic Center (South Korea), and numerous other institutions.

In 2004, Harbourfront Centre presented SUPERDANISH – a 10-week exploration of Danish arts and culture, where Ruhwald was part of the group exhibition of contemporary craft artists entitled Stuff: Ingenuity and Critique.