Maham Anjum.

Joint Efforts

September 22 - December 23, 2018

Maham Anjum, Handwork Studio, MSDS Studio, and Lexie Owen

Curated by Melanie Egan

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Artists and designers adopt a collaborative working process because it is integral to their personal ethos and practice.

The joint efforts of these artists and designers are as varied as the collaborative process itself. They work in partnerships, collectives and communities. MSDS collaborates with industry and technology to refine production, Maham Anjum works with London restaurateurs to produce distinctive tableware that relates to the cuisine, Handwork Studio empowers marginal communities to keep alive age-old textile traditions, and Lexie Owen facilitates engagement with local neighbourhoods and businesses through making and exhibition projects.

These like-minded artists and designers mutually agree to the collaborative process and believe the work they create is made stronger through shared knowledge and cooperative decision-making. They are committed to the viewpoint that their projects and objects benefit from collective expertise and experience.


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