Ford Edsel, 1957-60. Image courtesy of the Museum of Failure.

Museum of Failure

July 1–November 11, 2018


For every mega-success like the iPhone, VCR and Ford Mustang, there are a couple of Apple Newtons, Betamaxes and Edsels that crashed and burned before them – and The Museum of Failure celebrates these marketing missteps in all their glory. Every item has a story, and while many of these stories may make visitors laugh and cringe, they will also come away learning an important lesson: it’s perfectly fine to fail. Failure is not something that should be feared. If large corporations with unlimited funding, teams of innovators, and marketing experts can screw up, then it’s okay if we all make the occasional mistake, as long as we learn from it.

The Museum of Failure is a one-of-a-kind international collection featuring more than 100 innovation failures by some of the world’s best known companies. The collection was originally conceived by innovation researcher Dr. Samuel West as part of his research on corporate success and innovation. First displayed in Sweden, the Museum of Failure is currently on tour, with an extended exhibition in Los Angeles and pop-up museums worldwide. Harbourfront Centre is the first Canadian venue for the Museum.

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