Shane Weaver. Mushroom Kingdom, 2015. Slipcast tiles from 3D printed model, hand painted, glaze fired to cone 04. Image courtesy of the artist.

Mushroom Kingdom

Shane Weaver

June 20 – September 20, 2015Hours

This piece consists of 384 hand-painted tiles depicting the flora and fauna inhabiting the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. 3 originally released in 1988. The design of the overall image is loosely inspired by the elaborate wall paper patterns of William Morris. The molds for the tiles were made from a 3D printed model. Each tile was cast and cleaned up by hand then glazed square by square, one at a time. Within this piece I aim to merge the old and the new, computer and hand, factory processes with painstaking attention to detail.

– Shane Weaver


Shane Weaver is a Toronto-based ceramic artist. He received his education from the Ontario College of Art & Design, majoring in Ceramics and has also received training from Sheridan College (Oakville, ON). Over the last few years his work has focused primarily on thrown porcelain domestic objects, thick slip decoration, and carved surfaces. More recently, Weaver has completed a year-long Artist-in-Residence position at Medalta (Medicine Hat, AB). Over the year, his work has evolved into thick slab-built earthenware wall plates and domestic objects inspired by video game imagery. Weaver has exhibited both locally and nationally and sells his work through various retail outlets. He began the Artist-in-Residence programme at Harbourfront Centre in September 2013.

The artist acknowledges the support of the Ontario Arts Council.