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Allie Davis. Suminagashi, 2018. Digital image.

On Any Given Day

September 22 - December 23, 2018

Allie Davis, Shaun Peter Mallonga, Nadira Narine, and Charlize-Nhung Nguyen

Curated by Melanie Egan

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Central to the Craft & Design Studio’s ethos is a commitment to broaden the dialogue around contemporary craft and design practice. On any given day the goings-on in the Craft & Design Studio are shaping and advancing this discourse through focused making and thinking.

This exhibition highlights four of our newest Artists-in-Residence who are bringing fresh outlooks to the fore by creating work that speaks to the complexities of identity, gender, migration, the environment and personal histories; all through the lens of material-based practice.

Their fluency and intent with materials—married to strong ideas—is emboldened in an environment dedicated to supporting new perspectives that add to the expansive conversation within contemporary craft and design practice.

– Melanie Egan


Allie Davis is a surface designer with an Honours Bachelor in Craft and Design (Textiles). Designing with someone else’s joyful experience in mind, Davis is a passionate maker who enjoys unique colour combinations. They believe strongly in operating an eco-friendly practice, using only the highest quality, natural materials whenever possible. Davis’s current focus is gender-inclusive design for children, with an emphasis on imagination and a sense of discovery. Recently, Davis graduated top of their class at Sheridan College, receiving the Silver Medal Award, Angela Martin Award, and Anu Raina Surface Design Award.


Shaun Peter Mallonga was born in Vancouver, BC. Having spent most of his formative years in both the Philippines and India, he migrated back to Canada with his family seeking brighter futures. His work uses narrative to investigate the malleability and tension of identity evoked by his experiences of migration and queer identity. Mallonga’s practice in ceramics began at the Langara College Fine Arts Diploma Program (2014) in Vancouver, BC. In 2017, he completed his BFA (Ceramics) at the Alberta College of Art + Design. Mallonga has exhibited his works in British Columbia and Alberta, and will be exhibiting in Ontario and Saskatchewan in the next year.


Raised in Panama City, Panama, Nadira Narine has an interest in her cultural roots and Panama’s rich history. Having lived in Canada for the past seven years, she explores traditional Panamanian objects and patterns. Narine explores these topics for the purpose of self-exploration and a sense of connection to home.


Charlize-Nhung Nguyen is a Vietnamese-born Canadian artist whose work focuses on the relationship between design object and its medium. She often works at the intersection of contemporary design and craft theory. In her recent work, she expands her material exploration and techniques to reference the human body as a journey. In addition to her architecture and goldsmith background, she holds a BFA (Material Art & Design) from OCAD University. Her recent work earned the OCAD University Exhibition Medal and has been exhibited in Canada, the US, and Europe.


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