Holly Boileau. Stripes, 2015. Screen-printed decals on porcelain (cone 6) platter, bowl, teapot; water-based pigment printed on a hemp-cotton blend canvas; screen-print on painted drywall. Photo by Brian Medina.


Holly Boileau

January 23 – June 19, 2016Hours

This piece is composed of three patterns, each imposed on a series of domestic objects. Because these objects exist within the domestic environment and are founded in functionality, they have the meaning and memories embedded onto them by their users. Though the objects are already meaningful, adding pattern takes this one step further. Drenching the landscape in pattern is like drenching the landscape in a language with a meaning left open to be read by each individual. This aspect is accentuated with the absence of colour (though the prints are designed to be multi-coloured). Without distraction of colour, the viewer is free to have their own specific experience and to imagine the pattern in all of its forms, scales, condensed or diluted, scattered or rhythmic – however it speaks to them.

– Holly Boileau


Holly Boileau received her BA in Design from OCAD University, specializing in fibre arts and material exploration. Together with her business partner, she started Woodwater, a design company that makes clothing and homewares. In 2012 she was awarded an artist residency in the Textile Studio at Harbourfront Centre where she continues to develop her personal practice in art and material construction. Through thoughtful design and crafting of objects, she examines meanings that arise from colour, form and purpose. Boileau hopes her objects elicit a sense of familiarity; that they will evoke intimate and profound moments previously experienced, such as the relationship to a grandmother’s shower curtain or a favourite soup spoon.