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Oscar Kwong. Zen-Boy Activity Log: "Object Occurrence", 2016. Ink, pastel, paper, cast aluminum, ceramic, leather.

Zen-Boy Activity Log: “Object Occurrence”

September 24 - December 22, 2016

Oscar Kwong.

Zen-Boy is constantly trying to learn and appreciate the reality that is presented to him. In his attempt to understand our nature he has decided to participate with our vast history of material creations. With this engagement to objects he sincerely approaches each collaboration void of judgment.  These are some of the first accounts of his encounter.

Through design we can capture the emotions that result from our experiences in the material world : Zen-Boy is the illustrated projection of this intention.

– Oscar Kwong


Oscar Kwong is a product designer. He is currently trying to define a brand under the title “shu-hao.” Kwong was accepted into Harbourfront Centre’s Artist-in-Residence Programme (Design) in October 2015.

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