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Stacking Rings (1 Day)

May 12-August 11, 2019

Learn how to create a unique set of stacking rings out of sterling silver. Part of COURSES & WORKSHOPS.

Silver or Gold Ring (1 day)

May 19-November 17, 2019

Learn basic jewellery techniques to complete a hand-fabricated band ring. Part of COURSES & WORKSHOPS.

Organic Casting (1 day)

May 25-October 26, 2019

Learn various methods of primitive casting and turn your cast pieces into wearable jewellery. Part of COURSES & WORKSHOPS.



June 8-September 8, 2019

Ever mindful of the visual conversation between form and surface, Kristian Spreen creates thoughtful objects redolent with spontaneity and restraint.

Magical, Material Thinking

June 8-September 8, 2019

Artist April Martin and designer-maker Natalie Sirianni present an exhibition of curious objects and installations infused with the alchemical nature of materials, process and thought.

Silkscreen Printing (1 Day)

June 22-August 24, 2019

Students learn how to make screen positives, coat and shoot silkscreens. Students take home their own original screen prints at the end of the day.


Introductory Jewellery (6 Weeks)

July 10-October 30, 2019

Learn a wide range of jewellery techniques such as piercing, soldering, filing, polishing, and surface techniques. Part of COURSES & WORKSHOPS.

Earring and Pendant Fabrication (Half Day)

July 20-August 17, 2019

In this five-hour workshop, participants will learn the basic techniques required to fabricate a set of earrings and a pendant out of sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Ceramic Hand Building Techniques (6 weeks)

August 6, 2019

Learn and use hand-building techniques to make small functional and sculptural objects. Part of COURSES & WORKSHOPS.

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