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Upcoming Events

Performance: Crip Shorts

January 25, 2019

An evening of five short performances by exceptional disabled artists from Canada and the UK. Some dance, some spoken word, some circus, some comedy – all redefining the disabled experience through powerful art.

Embodying the Intersections: Indigeneity, Race and Disability

January 26, 2019

A day of embodied exploration along the intersections of race, Indigeneity and disability, using movement, reflexive discovery and engaged discussion.

Dance Ontario DanceWeekend’19

January 26-27, 2019

Dance Ontario DanceWeekend’19 showcases hundreds of dancers and live musicians on a totally unique and completely captivating platform of globally inspired dance from the city’s professional companies.


Performance: Brownton Abbey

January 26, 2019

The UK based Afro-Futurist performance party created by and centering queer people of colour, especially those with d/Disabilities (aka s/Super Powers).

Voguing Workshop with The Icon Arturo Mugler

February 2, 2019

Learn the basic elements of Vogue and work through movements with The Icon Arturo Mugler.

Runway Workshop with The Legendary Twiggy Pucci Garçon

February 2, 2019

Poses. Turns. Strut. Stance. Attitude. The legendary Twiggy Pucci Garçon guides you towards an unforgettable, creative runway performance.


The Black Liberation Ball

February 2, 2019

This ballroom event will be a celebration of Blackness and also serve as a transnational stage, where performers from across North America will come together and engage in dialogue.

TORQUE: Post No Bills / Kitt Johnson X-ACT

February 8- 9, 2019

This solo exploration of the tranformative power of crisis hails from one of Denmark's most provocative choreographers.

DanceWorks DW229: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre - Blood Tides

February 14-16, 2019

Blood Tides activates sacred alignments from cosmos to womb and acknowledges the magnificence of woman in all of her phases – its inter-generational performance.


dance Immersion 25th Anniversary Celebration presenting BBOYIZM

February 22-23, 2019

dance Immersion celebrates its 25th anniversary with an exciting [resentation featuring Montreal dance company Bboyizm.

Toronto Dance Theatre - Persefony Songs

March 5- 9, 2019

Persefony Songs riffs on images from Christopher House’s acclaimed 2001 work, Persephone’s Lunch, to inspire a new work of unabashedly sensual beauty.

Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance - World After Dark

March 6- 9, 2019

World Premiere! Inspired by Christopher Dewdney’s award-winning book Acquainted with the Night, World After Dark explores our relationship with the physical and metaphorical night.