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Older & Reckless, produced by MOonhORsE Dance Theatre and curated by Artistic Director Claudia Moore, is a dance series acclaimed for its celebration of mature dance artists who have pursued their passion over a lifetime and continue to test their physical limits. This edition features international dance legend Kitt Johnson (Denmark) in Stigma and award-winning Canadian artists Susie Burpee and Linnea Swan in Road Trip, Pia Bouman, 76, in erasing margins, Kathak Sufi maverick Aaloka Mehndiratta (Brampton) in Piya Ali Ali, Marie-Josée Chartier’s male quartet for the magnificent Learie McNicolls, Miko Sobreira, Darryl Tracy and Dan Wild, plus a community project MoW! on the Move (Dhadang) for a cast of 30 pros and amateurs, led by Montreal’s Roger Sinha.

“By creating a space for mature artists to share their artistry, Claudia has attacked the misconceptions around older dancers. In Older & Reckless, we’re gifted with a glimpse of these artists’ strength, emotion and physicality - the result is magically ageless.”
– Matthew Jocelyn, former artistic & general director, Canadian Stage

Older & Reckless (O&R), established in 2000 by MOonhORsE Dance Theatre Artistic Director Claudia Moore, is a nationally recognized dance performance series celebrating the elders of dance. O&R exposes the depth of artistry and the wealth of experience in those “older & reckless” artists who dare to approach mastery in their art form. An annual event, Older & Reckless includes audience warm-ups, after-parties, workshops and a community project, where senior artists lead amateur movers in a process of making and performing a dance. Participants experience the benefits of dance to physical, mental and social well-being. Older & Reckless has been presented across Canada in Halifax NS, St Catharines ON, Kelowna BC and was featured at the 2016 Canada Dance Festival.

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre presents: Older & Reckless #41

Regular: $32
Student/Senior: $25
Arts Worker: $25
CADA: $25

Arts Worker and CADA tickets must be purchased in person or over the phone

There will be a pre-show chat in the lobby the hour before the performance on Friday as well as the Saturday Matinee.

There will be nudity in this performance (topless female performer).