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Photo: ACSEA

While lion dances are very popular in North America, dragon dancing is traditionally one of the most important performances associated with Chinese Lunar New Year. In ancient China, dragons were associated with rain. For example, the dragon Yinglong was considered a rain deity, and the Shenlong had the power to determine how much wind and rain to bring.

Rain dances performed at times of drought may involve the use of dragon figures. Taiwan's Jhuo Lan high school has a tradition of training some of the best dragon dancers in the world. A frequent winner of international dragon dance competition, Jhuo Lan Dragon Dance Team is taking dragon dance to a new level. Their performance at LunarFest will include the Warrior Dragon, the Lotus Dragon, the Dragon of Glory and the Dragon for the Stars. The Dragon for the Stars is a glow-in-the-dark dragon dance performance that is rarely seen in Canada!

The Dragon of Glory


The largest gathering of dragon dances in Toronto will be at LunarFest 2015! The Warrior Dragon, the Lotus Dragon, the Dragon of Glory and the glow-in-the-dark Dragon For The Stars will be performed by the Jhuo Lan High School Dragon Dance Team from Miaoli County in Taiwan, making their debut performance in Toronto.

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