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Power Kids: Painting the True North

February 25, 2018

Emeka Ogboh’s The Song of the Germans features ten different voices singing the German national anthem in 10 different African languages. After exploring the history of Canada’s national anthem, we will consider the images and symbols evoked by its lyrics, and translate them into personal, handmade booklets.

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Power Kids: Extra, Extra... Read All About It!

March 11, 2018

Many of the images and texts in Michael Landy’s exhibition, DEMONSTRATION, were submitted by citizens who found them in news articles based on current events in Toronto, across Canada and around the world. Every participant in this workshop gets to create one (or more!) headline, article and illustration to be submitted to a collective newspaper illustrating the current events in our everyday lives.

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Power Kids: Memory Tricks

March 25, 2018

Mirrors are an important visual element in Kader Attia’s artworks, especially in the the film Reflecting Memory. Reflections are used to create optical illusions which fool our eyes at first, later giving way to new stories. Inspired by Attia’s interest in mirrors and memory, we will construct dioramas illustrating personal memories using mirrors in place of missing elements to create fluid narratives.

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Power Kids: Welcome Home

April 8, 2018

In Emeka Ogboh’s sound piece The Song of the Germans, the singers are all immigrants to Germany, each leaving their home country in search of a new home in Germany. Based on Ogboh’s interest in identity and place, participants will work together to create a handmade zine for newcomers to Toronto. We will share our favourite spots to play, eat and shop in the city we call home. At the end of the program, we will compile everyone's artwork to create a small publication to be shared with your family — and families across Toronto!

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Power Kids: Fixer Upper

May 6, 2018

How many times have you thrown away a broken toy or a ripped sweater? Kader Attia, in his exhibition The Field of Emotion, suggests that older, broken possessions can be repaired rather than thrown away. For this workshop, The Power Plant’s Power Kids program partners with the Repair Café to host an afternoon of mending and fixing. Bring along a broken toy, book or stuffed animal, or choose one of ours, and learn about repairing them under the guidance of Repair Café experts!

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